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Lauren's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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-Write down your 5 closest friends names-
001. M-Rex
002. Lil Tash
003. Naquita
004. Benjamin
005. Aynsley

01. Which friend have you known the longest? Tasha
02. Which friend have you known the shortest? Benjamin
03. Which one is your best friend? tasha and monique. BOTH OF THEM
04. Which one do you fight with alot? Natasha/Ayns
05. Which one is the funniest? tasha
06. Which one is the most serious? Benny
07. Which one is the smartest? tasha
08. Which one is the prettiest? hmmm ya mom.
09. Which one has the best sense of style? i dont know
10. Which one drives you crazy? really all of them..but probably benjamiin
11. Which one would you go on a long road trip with? ummm tasha
12. Which one would end up in jail with you? probably monique
13. Which one does your mother approve of the most? probably aynsley
14. Which one has the most inside jokes with you? tasha
15. Which one do consider family? tasha..then probably benjamin
16. Which one is most likely going to become famous? benny wishes..probably tasha cause as moe moe stated..shes beautiful and smart and atheletic
17. Which one is most likely going to be a future president? hopefully not benjamin nicole or monique..cause they are all republicans..
18. Which one is most likely going to get expelled from school? aynsley?
19. Which one would you sacrifice if you had to? monique. cause shes fat. and pleases more people
21. Which one is the quietest/shyest? nicole..or tasha..or ben
22. Which one knows all your secrets? monique
23. Which one is most likely to go sky diving? nicole?
24. Which one is most likely to marry Johnny Depp? ben. =D

01. Is number one your bf/gf? if she had a penis. yes.
02. Does number two live close? nooooooo. number 1 does
03. Is number three insane? yes.
04. Is number four a party animal? =\ all night long
05. Does number five argue alot? not really
06. How long have you known number two? a little while. i hated her tho. she wanted patty. i wasnt to chill with that.
07. Would you make sweet sweet love to number one? tasha? no. number 2 and 4? yes. =)
08. Is number four reliable? yesish
09. Does number three have any siblings? mhm =D and i like one of them =)
10. Is number five vain? yes ;)
11. What seven deadly sins is number 2? lust. =) or anger.
12. What would number 4 do for a milliond dollars? probably anything. not anything involving naked guys tho.
13. What would number 1 do for a klondike bar? mmm she is pretty huge..she would probably eat someone
14. Whats the funniest thing number 3 has ever said/done? feeling herself comes to mine...
15. Is number five a hippie at heart? oh goodness..maybe?
16. Does number 3 curse a lot? i dont know. a little
17. Does number 1 like mushrooms? i just asked her..and she doenst like them but eats them
18. Does number 2 eat alot of junkfood? no. shes not allowed
19. Does number 5 have a weird fetish? hmmmmmm. i dont think so.
20. Is number 4 obsessed with forks? no??

~Put the one whos name comes to mind when you hear...~
01. Pirate
02. Cop tash
03. Drugs tasha
04. Rock n Roll ben
05. Sex aynsley
06. Ice cream nicole
07. Money ben
08. Girl talk ayns
09. Sexy tasha
10. Blood taylor
11. MySpace aynsley
12. LiveJournal aynsley
13. Whore tasha/nicole/monique
14. Cuddle ben
15. TV ben
16. Summer tasha
17. Spring ?
18. Winter tasha
19. Fall monique..cause she falls down alot. and i laugh.
20. Amazing NOT tasha =)

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